Housing social economy BLOG
Housing crisis averted? Current challenges, solutions, and the social economy
Author: Nicholas Clark There is no place like home, it is where the heart is, and queue the next sentimental idiom those of us lucky enough […]
Diomcoop diversity Social Economy
Diversity dealt with in Europe? Inspiration from a social economy cooperative in Barcelona
Author: Nicholas Clark Diversity in Europe is growing to be recognized as a positive driver for increased creativity in business, where inclusion breeds a stronger assortment […]
65 degrees restaurant entrance
65 degrés of inclusion – a masterpiece of social responsibility and dining
Author: Nicholas Clark For more information on disabilities at UN level see our blog here. A welcoming elegance, bright design and curious wooden ornaments met us […]
UN Disability blog
Disability Inclusion: how the United Nations are aiming to ‘leave no-one behind’
Author: Dr. Ally Dunhill To see a good practice example of how the social economy can work for the inclusion of people with disabilities, see our […]
Socialneet international online conference - speakers
Youth unemployment NEETs Social Economy Solutions – Meet the Social Innovators Project
Author: Nicholas Clark Forever young, I want to be forever young. These lyrics were chanted by many in 1984, a generation who had it quite good […]
Re-use, Recycle, Redesign, repaire, circular economy, social economy
RREUSE to repair our throw-away culture – a Win Win for employment, the environment and our wallets
Author: Nicholas Clark Winter is coming, I need a new coat… Where to? Damn, my washing machine is broken…Where to? Phone screen cracked…Where to? Wonderful new […]
renewable energy coops SEE blog
The Renewable Revolution – REScoop.eu for a Just and Responsible Green Transition
The Renewable Revolution - Renewable Energies Cooperatives for a Just and Responsible Green Transition
Ergo - ROMA community Blog
Marginalised groups are overly exposed to the negative socio-economic impacts of COVID – ERGO, all roads should lead to ROMA inclusion
Author: Nicholas Clark The phrase “all roads lead to Rome” tells us that there are many paths to the same outcome; yet the path that we […]
access city awards 2020
Making cities more accessible, a competitive approach
Author: Nicholas Clark What has always been the best way to increase awareness, while increasing standards all at the same time? Competition! It releases an inner […]
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