Towards the Social Good Week 2022- Social Economy’s potential for a fair digital transition
AUTHOR Sara Bombardieri Get inspired by the potential of the new generation of social start-ups! Having participated in the launch event of the Social Good Weeek, […]
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Unravelling the Green and Social Taxonomy – a Fight Against Green and Social Washing!
Author: Nicholas Clark Being “Green” or being sustainable have become popular buzzwords in recent times, where citizens are calling for higher environmental standards from banks and […]
UNEP’s Six-Sector Solution: the massive, untapped potential of social economy
Author: Reine Cernero  Unsustainable food production and distribution, waste management, social inclusion, employment and poverty crises,… It is no secret the world is facing numerous ecological, […]
On the Social Economy – Insights from a European Social Economy Awards winner
João Salazar Leite, social economy activist and former Director of International Relations Department at SEE member Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social (CASES), Portugal, shares […]
Break your quarantine with a cultural gift from the social economy!
Author: Nicholas Clark Having fun is such an important part of life. After a year and a half of lockdown and the repeated “I wish we […]
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A Social Economy Perspective and Experience
Author: Klara Drèze In today’s world, Social Economy has become an essential tool to promote an inclusive and global economy, putting people first, whether the at […]
CoopCamp: A new tool to teach youth about cooperatives in Europe
CoopCamp: A new tool to teach youth about cooperatives in Europe Guest Blog from our Members ConcertES CoopCamp is a project to raise awareness of cooperative […]
The Social Economy Action Plan is almost here:
The opinion of the European Committee of the Regions Author: Delia Postiglione The Action Plan for Social Economy is expected to be published before the end […]
My experience as a volunteer in SEE
Author: Paula González At the end of the mandatory month of internship, I continued working as a volunteer for this organization for three more months, and I […]
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