• 2011 Social Business Initiative

    The social business initiative (SBI), aimed to introduce a short-term action plan to support the development of social enterprises

  • 2011 Spanish Social Economy LAW

    Spain adopts its Social Economy Law. Read in ES or in EN

  • 2013 portuguese social economy law

    Portugal adopts its Social Economy Law. Read in PT 

  • 2014 French Social Economy Law

    France adopts its social economy law. Read here in FR 

  • 2014 The Rome strategy

    'Unlocking the Potential of the Social Economy', under the Italian Presidency to the EU Council. Read here

  • 2014 SEE Memorandum

    SEE publishes its Memorandum for the European elections of 2014.

    Read here

  • 2015 Social economy intergroup renewed

    The European Parliament's Social Economy Intergroup is renewed for the mandate 2014-2019. Read more here

  • 2015 Social economy europe White paper

    SEE publishes its white paper 'Social Economy, taking back the initiative: proposals to make the social economy into a pillar of the EU'.


  • 2015 Council conclusions

    'The promotion of the social economy as a key driver of social and economic development in Europe'. Read here 

  • 2015 Luxembourg declaration

    'A roadmap towards a more comprehensive ecosystem for social economy enterprises' signed by 6 Member States. Read here 

  • 2016 bratislava declaration

    'Social Economy a key driver in providing effective answers to current societal challenges in the EU and the world'. Read here

  • 2016 The GECES Report

    Social enterprises and the social economy going forward. Read here

    Find out more about GECES here

  • 2016 Start up & scale-up

    A European Commission initiative to connect high tech startups, scaleups, investors, accelerators, corporate networks, universities and the media. Read here

  • 2017 Commission Task Force

    The Commission informal Task Force made up of all Commission DGs in order to follow up on actions for the social economy  is formed. 

  • 2017 Madrid Declaration

    The Social Economy, a business model for the future of the EU. Read here

  • 2018 Bulgarian Presidency conference

    The Bulgarian Presidency to the EU Council hosts the high-level event on the social economy "Social economy – for an economically sustainable and socially inclusive EU. Read more

  • 2018 global economy forum in Bilbao

    'Values and competitiveness for an inclusive and sustainable local development' Read more

  • 2018 constitution of GECES

    The European Commission Expert Group on the social business initiative (GECES) is set up. Find out more 

  • 2019 SEE Memorandum

    SEE publishes its Memorandum for the European elections of 2019. Read here

  • 2019 renewal of the intergroup

    The European Parliament's Social Economy Intergroup is renewed for the mandate 2019-2024.

    Read more here


    The European Commission announces an EU Action Plan for the Social Economy. Read more

  • 2020 Social economy across eu policy

    The social economy has been recognised as an important actor in green, social and innovative contexts in the following policies:

    A Strong Social Europe for Just Transitions

    Circular Economy Action Plan

    Next Generation EU

  • 2021 EU Social Economy Summit

    The European Social Economy Summit (EUSES) takes place in Mannheim, Germany.

    Find out more

  • 2021 Launch of EU action plan for the social economy

    The European Commission launches the European Action Plan for the Social Economy in the Autumn of 2021

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