19 May, 2020
02.06 Social Economy Intergroup Webinar
Co-designing the European Action Plan for the Social Economy: a leverage for the Social and Economy Recovery of Europe What role for the social economy in […]
5 May, 2020
SEE Survey for the European Social Economy to Overcome COVID19
The role of the social economy to overcome COVID-19, its public health, economic and social consequences Social Economy Europe wants to measure the impact of the […]
4 May, 2020
Social economy: fighting the pandemic and building a better future #TogetherWeStand   We are collectively facing a difficult time. This is why Social Economy Europe members have raised […]
29 April, 2020
EU, Commission, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Social Economy, EU
Commissioner Schmit’s letter to Labour Ministers: the social economy is playing a crucial role in the COVID emergency and must be supported
Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, has sent a letter to Member States’ Labour Ministers urging them to ensure that social economy enterprises and […]
23 March, 2020
Social Economy Summit #EUSES2020 Mannheim, Germany
An event co-organised by SEE, the Social Economy Intergroup, the EESC and the CoR. Brussels, Belgium.
20 March, 2020
Social Economy: a way forward for youth entrepreneurship – Workshop in EU Civil Society Days 2020.
Brussels, Belgium. The EESC has postponed this event in view of the COVID-19 measures.
19 March, 2020
Social Economy’s Vision for a Green & Fair Transition
This event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis measures adopted by the European Institutions and the Belgian government. We will inform you of the […]
21 January, 2020
The Social Economy Intergroup has been constituted! 
On Tuesday 21st January 2020, the first internal meeting of the renewed Social Economy Intergroup (SEIG) took place at the European Parliament in Brussels to appoint […]
1 January, 2020
“Constitution of the Social Economy Intergroup”
Member Area