Membership in SEE is open to:

Organisations representing the European groupings of cooperatives, mutual societies, associations and foundations

Organisations representing national Social Economy federations working in a Member State and recognised as such in that State. In the absence of national representation, regional organisations may be considered.

European networks involved in the promotion of the social economy. These network organisations must be present in at least 6 Member States of the European Union.

Want to join us in leading progress for the

social economy?

Progress we actioned with our members

Working with our members enables us to bring experiences from the ground to inform policy making at European level. With our members so far, we have actioned a number of positive and powerful progresses for the social economy at EU-level.

The establishment of the European Parliament Intergroup on the Social Economy

The inclusion of the social economy in the European Pillar of Social Rights

Access for social economy enterprises and organisations to EU funding through the ESF, ERDF, InvestEU

The inclusion of the social economy in the European Pillar of Social Rights


Membership application

An application addressed to Social Economy Europe signed by the President of the applying entity

Your entity's statutes

A list of current members of the applying entitiy

The composition of the managing body of the applying entitiy

Any other document illustrating the entity’s representativeness, its management practices and its work in the service of the social economy

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