Digital Mont Blanc Meetings


1/10/20 Join us for the final session of the 9th edition of the Mont-Blanc Meetings organised by ESS Forum International-SSE International Forum for in-depth discussions on […]

#EUSES Leaving no one behind


29/10/20 The EU Social Economy Summit #EUSES which was foreseen in November 2020 in Mannheim has been postponed to 2021, due to Covid-19. In the meantime, […]

#EUSES Recovery Strategy for Europe


26/11/20 Join us for the third #Roadmap event is on Recovery Strategy for Europe: Which role does the social economy play in building a resilient and […]

#EUSES Health issues and social protection


7/12/20 Join us for the fourth #Roadmap event is on health issues and social protection: building an economy of wellbeing. The EU Social Economy Summit #EUSES […]

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