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Social Economy Europe has been an associated member of the project Accessibilitech carried out by a consortium made up of seven organizations, with Fundación ONCE as leader. The results of this project, whose main aim has been the creation of a state-of-the-art search engine to identify accessible technologies and solutions, as well as to disseminate information on accessible technologies and solutions, to replicate and transfer to other environments or application areas in the following topics: e-learning, telecare and telework, was presented in a final event in Brussels on 18 January 2023.

This project has the aim to close the digital gap amongst persons with disabilities. One of the tasks developed within the project has been the creation of a Toolkit, which includes handbooks on accessibility and a repository of materials and resources on accessibility for developers. This Toolkit has the objectives of offering general information about how to improve accessibility in digital documents, audio visual materials, events (in-person and online), common accessibility mistakes etc; and providing insight about the real needs of people with disabilities when interacting with technology.

This Toolkit is open to contributions from organizations and individuals interested in raising awareness on the topic of accessibility and accessible technologies, the Toolkit can be fed with documents, guides, videos oriented to raise awareness on accessibility internally or externally, such us: Guidance on improving the accessibility of meetings, events, social media etc.; Awareness-raising or guidance on European accessible policy; or Awareness-raising or guidance on European accessibility standards. The contributions can be made through the following e-mail address:

Other relevant outcome of the Accessibilitech has been the creation of a mapping tool for projects oriented to improve the telework, e-learning and telecare of persons with disabilities across Europe.

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