Social Economy Europe condemns the illegal and unjustified agression to Ukraine,  calls for peace, and stands in solidarity with the victims of this senseless war, and with all those around the world (coming form different nations and beliefs) that stand with peace and cooperation, as the best instruments to achieve welfare, freedom and shared prosperity. 

The social economy is a project of peace, democracy, solidarity and cooperation. A movement arising from a free civil society, from free individuals that cooperate to provide collective solutions to societal challenges. 

In this turbulent and sad period in which war is happening again in the heart of Europe, SEE reminds that illegal violence and war are an instrument of the past, connected with our past tragedies and darkest times. 

In solidarity with Ukraine, we call for peace, we stand with freedom, democracy and cooperation.

How to support Ukraine & refugees?


1. Call for support from the Ukrainian Social Academy: replying to the humanitary crisis & re-building Ukraine through Social Economy 

Dear European social economy community:

We are the team of the Ukrainian Social Academy and on behalf of the whole people of Ukraine we send our gratitude for your solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Your support and support of your countries is of high importance to us and we do appreciate it.

As you know, we are working in the field of social economy entrepreneurship in Ukraine. There were lots of social issues we were dealing with before the full-scale war started – poverty, social exclusion of people with disabilities, youth unemployment, social integration of veterans and socio-economic integration IDPs from Crimea and DonbasThe last days brought plenty of new issues – an incredible number of IDPs from different regions of Ukraine, ruined homes, destroyed parts or whole cities and territories, lack of food, water and medicine, especially in regions with military actionsIn addition, the high number of people lost their jobs and possibilities to get the income for survival.

With regard to our direct beneficiaries, the majority of our social entrepreneurs either started to work pro bono through offering free products and services to refugees, suffering individuals and families, our soldiers or decided to stop the business activities and were mobilized or became volunteers.

In these circumstances we have also restructured our activities with regard to both current needs of particular people and communities and the future perspective of renewing the territories and social integration of IDPs and local people who lost their jobs, lost their homes or suffered in any other ways. In this regards, we as an organization that works in a field of social entrepreneurship, are doing the following actions

We collect information about the concrete initiatives of Ukrainian social entrepreneurs in times of war and their main challenges and needs both financial and non-financial;

  • In response to the current needs, we with our partners and social entrepreneurs regularly prepare food for 3000 individuals and have already provided housing for more than 1000 displaced persons who were forced to move from their homes;
  • We also provide the IDPs with the necessary items of personal hygiene and organize the medical care.

In terms of the long-term perspective, we are going to:

  1. Accumulate financial resources in order to help social economy enterprises to restart their businesses and update their business-models to the new realities to allow their businesses to be self-sustainable again and make a social impact. In other words, we aim at helping them to do their social work and remain their business alive;
  2. Design new projects and fields of work that would be the response to the issues created by war
    Building local capacity by providing small grants and loans for people affected by war to start businesses. This is for those who will be looking for new jobs opportunities.
    -Providing vocational trainings in different fields as a therapy to those traumatized by the war and simultaneously as a possibility to gain new skills to get a new job or become self-employed;
    -Creating possibilities for export of goods produced by Ukrainian Social Entrepreneurs in order to give them access for new markets – new revenue streams outside Ukraine;
    -Fostering establishing cooperatives to strengthen networking among local producers and contribute to development of local communities.

If you consider these initiatives are close to your interests and priorities or you see other opportunities for social economy in Ukraine, we would be grateful for any support and partnership activities to overcome the plenty of issues caused by the war. In terms of the current needs, we kindly ask for any contribution to help our care providers through equipping them with 

  • Equipment for the preparation of hot and cold dishes (combined steam and convection ovens, microwave ovens, coffee maker, thermo pot, slicer for cutting bread and food, etc.)
  • Diesel generators for the houses where we take in the IDPs;
  • Hygiene and medicinal products. 

We would be grateful for any contribution from each person and organization willing to help and below we provide our account details. We also assure you about the personal report we will provide you after offering the necessary care for suffering people.

IBAN  UA 21 325365 0000026008010689854 

JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine 


Purpose of payment – charitable donation

We believe that social economy and social entrepreneurship is a valuable instrument for the renewal of Ukraine’s society and economy.

Thank you once again for being in solidarity with us and will appreciate your feedback.

Sincerely yours

Ukrainian Social Academy’s team

For any further information you can contact you can contact us at contact@socialeconomy.eu.org or Petro Darmoris, Board member of the Ukrainian Social Academy  bilaterally at: petro.darmoris@social-academy.com.ua

2. Letter from our polish social economy partner SZOWES (West Pomeranian Network of Social Economy Support Center), requesting the support of the European Social Economy Community to deal with the refugee crisis due to the war in Ukraine

Every day, nearly 140,000 more refugees come to Poland (90% of them are women and children). Thanks to the grassroots involvement and extraordinary social mobilization of the Polish people, the vast majority of those seeking help found shelter and hospitality in private homes and accommodations. Every day, tens of thousands of Polish volunteers and the organizations of the social economy sector supporting them conduct charity and humanitarian activities to ensure the most basic needs such as shelter or food. However, these resources are not unlimited.

We would like to call for organizational cooperation between all our European partners who are ready to contribute to the direct support of Ukrainian refugees.

We are especially looking for organizations that are ready to accept and provide specialist, round-the-clock care and rehabilitation for people with disabilities (intellectual and physical) – only in West Pomeranian Voivodeship alone (one of the sixteen regions of Poland), only in the last three days we hosted 120 such dependent children and adults (7 -42 years) who need specialistic care.

We also ask all our European social economy sector Partners to cooperate with the diplomatic services of their countries to create humanitarian corridors through whole EU and to create organizational capacity and facilities to receive and take care of other Ukrainian refugees in need of help at the borders of the European Union. For our part, we declare to all our European partners ready to provide direct support to refugees, assistance in contact and coordination of cooperation with social economy organizations operating in Poland that currently support refugees and organize transport corridors to temporary accommodation places.

The organizational challenges faced by Poland, including social economy entities directly involved in aid, currently focus on the humanitarian minimum. Providing a roof, food and respite from the war trauma. This interventional, basic help must, however, be rapidly reinforced with psychological, therapeutic and rehabilitation support, especially for children, the disabled, the elderly and the sick. To make it possible even in the short term, it is necessary to strengthen the organizational and financial potential of organizations involved in supporting over a million refugee population.

As an umbrella organization of the social economy sector, we ask for help from all our European partners ready to support organizational rehabilitation and medical equipment, wheel chairs, prams, medical beds, etc.) or financially Polish organizations providing direct support to refugees. On our part, we declare help in networking in this area, or help in redistributing resources. Some of the social services necessary for organizing assistance to refugees involve the need to allocate human and organizational resources for the entities supporting them, which require ongoing financing, which now is not embedded in constant public financing. The financial challenges faced by Polish organizations today will soon penetrate other European markets.

We appeal directly to our European partners for common dialogue and the creation of solidarity, community mechanisms for financing social services necessary to ensure a minimum subsistence level for the community of refugees suffering from the trauma of the war in Ukraine

For everyone willing and ready to support the financing of basic and necessary social services provided by Polish social economy entities for Ukrainian refugees, we have launched a dedicated donation account run by our SZOWES member – Pod Aniołem Foundation:

IBAN EUR: PL08109014920000000149931959

Bank: Santander Bank Polska SA.


Owner: Fundacja Pod Aniolem Foundation Pod Aniołem number in the PL National Court Register (KRS): 0000382264

We remain at your disposal for all questions regarding the possibility of cooperation and assistance, as well as contact with entities providing support at the following e-mail address: szowes@karrsa.pl

3. Portugal for Ukraine

The Portuguese Government has developed the platform Portugal for Ukraine., that allows consultation of initiatives initiated by different government areas. This Platform gathers all responses and ongoing actions with a view to support displaced people from Ukraine, inside and outside Portugal, in the dimensions of international action, sending humanitarian support and integration and reception in Portugal.

The platform also contains useful information (FAQ’s) and contacts for support related to coming to Portugal, transport, documentation, employment and training, education, health and housing, including also an automatised form that directs the request/offer of help to the best prepared entity that can give an efficient answer.

The contents are currently in Portuguese and English and should soon include a Ukrainian version.

Portugal has closely and attentively followed the evolution of the situation in Ukraine, in close coordination with NATO and European Union partners, actively participating in international efforts to support the departure of Ukrainian and Portuguese-descendant citizens and welcome all those who choose our country as a destination.

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