American Sustainable Business Council & Social Economy Europe 1-Hour Video Special!

ASBC Podcast Episode 6 USA

ASBC & SEE - Difficulty Springs Opportunity

Recent times have seen enormous political, cultural and health shifts in both The EU and in the USA. We find ourselves fighting fervently for truth and evidence, to once again be restored as virtues, be respected, and used in decision making processed both among individuals and (I never thought I would have to say this, but) Governments!

The EU, shaken by Brexit and the US by the Trump administration, both have had to endure an onslaught of fake news, alternative facts and vilification of honest actors and experts. However, as the dust settles on our respective homes, both the EU and the USA face similar global challenges and a new era of hope and possibility. This represented an opportunity for Social Economy Europe (SEE) to connect with the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) to jointly influence business models and policies moving into this new, hopefully brighter, term.

This 1-hour video special of our Podcast “Social Economy Talks” explores our two organisations and our “Memorandum of Understanding” signed in December of 2020. Moreover, important topics such as how inclusion, racial equality, and the rights of those typically far from the labour market are essential in a sustainable future and what is happening in the EU and USA to ensure these are prioritised. We covered the topics of next generation and alternative business models (Social Economy, One Worker One Vote) for a more sustainable & just future; including how healthcare systems and Mutual healthcare organisations help to ensure equality and cope in the times of the Pandemic. Additionally, we opine on the COVID recovery strategies in our two territories, what it means and what we should do next.

Join me, Nicholas Clark as we meet important authors, and co-founders of the ASBC David Levine, MaryAnne Howland, and Jeffrey Hollender as well as important members of Social Economy Europe, Sibylle Reichert of AIM Healthcare Mutuals, Patrizia Bussi of ENSIE Network and VP of SEE and Victor Mesuguer, Director of SEE.

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