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Commissioner Schmit’s letter to Labour Ministers: the social economy is playing a crucial role in the COVID emergency and must be supported
29 April, 2020
SEE Survey for the European Social Economy to Overcome COVID19
5 May, 2020

SEE members video on social economy fighting covid19

Social economy: fighting the pandemic and building a better future


We are collectively facing a difficult time. This is why Social Economy Europe members have raised their voices to send a message of solidarity and hope to all social economy enterprises and organisations, their members and workers and to all citizens. SEE, its members and partners, are supporting the social economy throughout the crisis. We’ve been listening to their needs and demands, to convey their messages to EU policy-makers and to make sure that all social economy enterprises and organisations have access to appropriate support from public authorities. 

Filipa Farelo (CASES), Sarah Goddard (AMICE), Sergiu Gurau (ENSIE), Aurora Prospero (FEBEA), Peru Sasia (FEBEA), Luigi Martignetti (REVES), Jérôme Saddier (ESS-France), Oscar Verlinden (EMN), Patrizia Bussi (ENSIE), Aurélie Chompret (IPSE), Miguel Angel Cabra (the European Foundation Centre) and Juan Antonio Pedreño (SEE and CEPES) are part of this video. Discover their messages, activities and proposals to support social economy actors and build a more democratic, sustainable, fair and resilient future. Join the social economy movement to build tomorrow’s economy!

The video has been edited by Laura Gafforio, intern at Social Economy Europe. 


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