Social Economy Intergroup

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- The Social Economy Intergroup is an informal forum for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to discuss on issues related to the social economy. Through regular hearings, the intergroup provides up-to-date information on EU policies and legislation linked to the social economy.

- The objectives of the social economy intergroup are:

— to promote exchanges of views on EU policies and legislation linked to social economy issues,

— to provide regular opportunities for dialogue between MEPs, social economy experts, European Commission officials, civil society representatives and other relevant stakeholders,

— to bring together MEPs from all political parties and all member states,

— to ensure that the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers take into account the social economy and its actors whilst developing their policies.

SOCIAL ECONOMY EUROPE’s secretariat provides a strong logistical support to the social economy intergroup and provides all information on its website. The intergroup works in a transparent and accountable manner. Please do not hesitate to contact SOCIAL ECONOMY EUROPE’s secretariat should you have any question regarding the social economy intergroup.

Rule 32 on Intergroups in the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament - 7th parliamentary term - December 2009 (click here)

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