Solidarité des Alternatives Wallonnes et Bruxelloises (SAW-B)

SAW-B ASBL, is a pluralistic federation of social enterprises and social economy.

Its goals?

Defend and represent the social economy in the Belgian and European level.

Awareness and knowledge of social enterprises and the social economy as an economic alternative.

Develop the social economy, promote networking and sharing.

Founded in late 81, she gathers her 1st members in 1982. Today, SAW-B brings together more than 120 members, including 13 sectoral federations. Its members represent over 300 social enterprises in Wallonia and Brussels, 15 000 workers which she is the spokesperson.

More than a federation, SAW-B is certified consulting agency recognized by the Wallonia Region and continuing education actor by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Contact details:

Address: Rue de Monceau Fontaine 42/6,

6031 Monceau-sur-Sambre, Belgium

Tel : +32 071 53 28 30

Fax : +32 071 53 28 31 

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