European Network of cities and regions for Social Economy (REVES)

REVES represents, defends and promotes the common values of its members vis-à-vis European and Internationals institutions. 

Jointly with its members, it pursues the objectives set out in the REVES charter, in order to: 

  • establish a dialogue with the European and international Institutions in order to create positive conditions for the development of social and solidarity based-economy

  • develop social responsibility and exchange expertise and know-how, and to implement innovation in the fields of inclusion, participation and empowerment of local communities

  • educate and communicate the contribution of social economy-based partnership for more solidarity-based communities

  • be a laboratory for innovation in social policies and to support their dissemination in all territories

  • Cooperate and create synergies with other national, European and international networks and to complement them

  • pursue these objectives in Europe and at international level with a view to territorial cohesion, international solidarity, promotion of equal opportunity and north-south cooperation

  • capitalize on its own and members experiences in the different fields of interest and make them available to all members

Contact details:

Address: Bvd Charlemagne 74
B-1000 Brussels 

Tel: +32 2 230 88 10
Fax: +32 2 230 46 18

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