Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises (CEPES)

Established in 1992, the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises CEPES (Confederación Empresarial Española de Economía Social) is an inter-sector confederation acting at state level. It is an institution of highest level in Spanish social economy and a platform for institutional dialogue with Public authorities.

As an organisation regrouping all existing economic actions under the social economy model, CEPES is made up of 28 organisations. All of them are national or regional confederations and specific business groups representing the interests of Cooperatives, Worker-Owned Societies, Mutual Benefit Societies, Insertion Companies, Special Employment Centres, Fishermen´ Guilds and Disability Associations with more than 200 support structures at a regional level.

CEPES works as unique spokesman by integrating and organising all the confederated structures; social economy is both an economic and social agent operating in the market and having repercussions on society through various actions. It has a personality of its own and applies a corporate model with its own specific values.

CEPES represents 12% of the Spanish GDP and more than 150.978 million euros turnover.

CEPES represents the interests of more than 44,500 enterprises, 2,215,000 employees and 12,000,000 associates.

— Spread and defend Social Economy and its movements and sectors; 
—  Influence on public policies and regulations both at national and international level; 
— Foster the national economic development by obtaining stability and pluralism in the economic markets; 
— Transfer to the society and the entrepreneurial sector another way of doing business with social responsibility and specific values; 
— Defend the common interests of the member organisations in society and before both the Public Administrations and European and international Institutions; 
— Support and represent, in their common aspects, the interests of social economy enterprises towards: political parties and at the economic, social, cultural or political levels in Spain and in the European Union; 
— explore general and common problems of all social economy enterprises, to agree on appropriate solutions and to implement joint action projects; 
— implement and facilitate services of common or specific interests of social economy entities; 
— promote progress in methods and techniques of management, particularly by carrying out and disseminating research and by organising and implementing suitable training and information resources

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