Cooperativa António Sérgio  para a Economía Social (CASES)

CASES is engaged in promoting the strengthening of the social economy sector in Portugal, deepening the cooperation between the State and the member organizations, in order to stimulate their potential at the service of socio-economic development country.

Recognize, promote, stimulate, strengthen and upgrade social economy sector: These are the main lines defining the mission of António Sérgio Cooperative for Social Economy (CASES).

Based on a true partnership between the state and industry organizations representing social economy and assuming the legal form of "cooperative of public interest"; CASES's purpose is to promote the strengthening of the social economy sector, deepening the cooperation between the state and member organizations.

CASE is formed by these organisations:

  • Portuguese Association for Local Development - ANIMAR
  • Portuguese Cooperatives Confederation, CCRL - CONFECOOP
  • National Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives and Agricultural Credit of Portugal, CCRL - CONFAGRI
  • National Confederation of Solidarity Institutions - CNIS;
  • Union of Portuguese Misericórdias - UMP;
  • Union of Portuguese Mutuals - UMP.

CASES aims to stimulatr social economy and their organizations, in support of socio-economic development of the country, these are its four strategic priorities:

  1. Place Social Economy the national political agenda by promoting the legal and institutional recognition of the sector;
  2. To strengthen the alliance between social economy sector and the state, through the revitalization of models of interaction between the State, civil society organizations and the market;
  3. Develop a set of programs designed to promote the creation of opportunities for the modernization of the Social Economy Sector;
  4. Promote and support Social Economy Entrepreneurship and stimulate entrepreneurship of citizens and organizations, for a sustainable development.

CASES is a space for dialogue where different stakeholders cooperate striving to make a cohesive social economy sector in Portugal, contributing to a fairer and more united world.

Contact details:

Address: Rua Américo Durão, n.º 12-A,
Olaias, 1900-064 Lisboa

Tel: +351 213 878 046/7/8

Fax: +351 213 858 823



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